Group Shoots – Photographers



Meet models, photographers and other industry professionals.


Update, Expand and Enhance your portfolio. Group Shoots @ DSC provides a variety of shooting environments.


Collaborate with other professionals of ranging experience levels.  Learn new techniques and tips to up your game.


What is Group Shoots?

Group Shoots is an open house style shooting event for models and photographers.  As a photographer, you'll have access to a collection of models where you can network, take pictures and collaborate with other event attendees. Models and photographers mingle freely through the event find folks to communicate and work with. Group Shoots is designed more like a social gathering rather than a highly scheduled, structured rotation event.

Is there a cost?

The cost to attend group shoots is $15 per participant.  A participant is defined as someone who is taking photographs at the shoot. Due to the limited space we ask, please no assistants. To streamline your check-in process (and because spots are limited) you'll also want to pre-register.

Who can attend?

Group shoots is open to male and female photographers of all experience levels.  Due to photography releases and other legal specifics photographers must be at least 18 years old. The event, however, is "family friendly" - we welcome models from age 10 and up.

What do I Bring?

Photographers will want to bring:

  • Camera, reflectors and any other shooting equipment you might want to use.
  • Please note this is generally a natural light shooting event.  Strobes may be available for limited use - you will want to provide your own triggers.
  • Driver's License/Photo ID
  • Since we're a family friendly event open to minors; there is no swimwear, lingerie, implied or art nude shooting permitted
  • Any small hand-props or accessories you'd like bring.

NOTE: To help assure the privacy of all attendees, both models and photographers will be signing a blanket release for the event. This release will be non-commercial in nature.  It will allow both parties to use the work created for self-promotion/portfolio purposes only. Signed releases will be retained by DSC for record keeping purposes.

How do I get pictures to models?

Group Shoots uses Google Drive to get pictures between photographers and models.  Each model will have a folder created for them and photographers will upload their pictures that folder.  You'll then be able to retrieve the images from Google Drive.  This also eliminates the need to hand out personal contact information to photographers at the shoot.

Exchanging contact info?

To ensure a comfortable atmosphere for all attendees, and to avoid potential awkward situations, we ask that photographers not ask models for their personal contact info during the event.  If you'd like to work with a model again outside of a group shoot event you may hand them your card and invite them to contact you. After that, it's up to the model to choose to connect with you.  Photographers not honoring this policy will be asked to leave without refund.