The Midwest Fashion Alliance

Jaze Companies is proud to introduce the Midwest Fashion Alliance

The Midwest Fashion Alliance is an advocacy group and think tank dedicated to bringing awareness and accountability for workplace safety within the modeling industry.

The modeling industry is largely unregulated leaving models with little to no legal protection from unfair treatment, sexual harassment and unprofessional behavior. Recent years have included several headline news stories where the dark side of the fashion and entertainment industries have started to come to light.

Given that models are generally classified as independent contractors they fall outside of workplace harassment protections afforded working individuals classified as “employees”.  This loophole, combined with the pressure in the industry that speaking up can ruin your career, allows model mistreatment to go largely unchecked and unreported.


Just because something isn't "illegal", doesnt make it right


MWFA feels it’s time for a change.  Accountability and safe business practices are long overdue.  Models are human too and a safe, professional working environment is a basic human right - and protected by law in almost every other industry. MWFA is dedicated to educating and effecting change for the betterment of those in the modeling industry. There's no better place to start than with us who are in the industry.

Being within the industry gives us great power to affect change. The Midwest Fashion Alliance seeks to unite models, photographers, agencies/managers, stylists, designers and fashion houses into a community of industry professionals who feel safe, professional work environments is a human right owed to ALL working professionals. If the industry starts advocating for change as a community we can make an effective difference quickly.

At the center of the MWFA mission is a universal code of conduct.  As a MWFA professional, you'll pledge your support for this movement by operating your business in accordance with the MWFA Code of Conduct which outlines a number of parameters to ensure safe, fair and professional treatment of industry professionals.  Further, you'll commit to not doing business with those who operate in violation with the code. Review the Code

MWFA will provide a reporting process for those who don't respect the code of conduct.  These reports will be handled by a committee who will investigate and hold offending parties accountable.

MWFA will maintain and publish a list of those that do and do not honor the code of conduct.

File an incident report



Models can pledge to the code of conduct as a set of professional standards they expect in their work environments.


As a MWFA certified photographer you'll be stating you support the highest standards of professionalism in the industry.


As a HMUA or wardrobe stylist your commitment to only working with MWFA professionals will set you apart as a qualified professional.


Pledging to MWFA establishes you as a trade professional supporting design standards that foster healthy models.


As a model representative, pledging to MWFA shows your commitment to transparency and standards that value trade professionals, safe working environments and respect models.


As a MWFA publisher you're commitment to using MWFA professionals will set you apart as an advocate for the highest professional standards in the industry.


Become MWFA certified to show your commitment to workplace rights for fashion industry professionals.

MWFA will maintain a database of all certified professionals on its website as an industry directory. The directory will by made available to the public through our website for finding or confirming a trade pro's MWFA status.